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Overland Amusement Coin Operated Service & Repair provides in our workshop and, in some cases, on site service to your home. We pride ourselves on trying to minimize inconvenience to our customer while meeting the customer’s needs.*

Diagnostic services performed on site include evaluation of your problem(s) and full estimate of work needed. We charge $350** non-refundable on site fee (for up to two trips) to your location (within South Bay Area; an additional fee will be charged outside our service area) to do the following:

Complete checkout of all machine functions
Written estimate of work needed to repair machine
If machine can be repaired on site and agreed to by customer, we will perform minor repair service**

Most minor repairs can be on site unless machine has
not had normal maintenance done.

If machine does have to come into shop, customer is responsible for arranging to have machine brought to our site.

On Site services are offered in the San Jose Bay Area area. All other services outside the local area are subject to scheduling and a non-refundable traveling fee.

*Please note that because of age of these machines and parts availability, we cannot guarantee that all repairs can be performed in your home or place
of business. We will do our best to accommodate your needs, but some repairs will require work to be done at our workshop.

**note that $100 of the on site service fee will be credited toward repairs requiring machine be brought into our workshop to be completed.



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