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April 2022 Product Catalog
Some of the Many Products for Sale

Refurbished Wurlitzer 1959 Model 2300 Jukebox
Plays 45RPM Records


Wurlitzer 1960 Model 2400 Jukebox
Refurbished and Plays 45RPM Records

SOLD 4/4/2022

Restored Wurlitzer Model 1100 Jukebox
(One Like Picture) with Records

SOLD 10/3/2021


ROWE/AMI 1970 Model MM-4 Jukebox


Bursting Cherry 5c Slot Machine
Completely Refurbished


5c Pace Comet Slot Machine
Restoration in progress

@ Overland Amusement Warehouse

1951 Seeburg Model C Jukebox
Grade One Restored Condition with 50s Records

@ Overland Amusement Warehouse

IGT Sit Down Slot Machine
In Refurbishing (Game Is Like One In Picture)

@ Overland Amusement Warehouse

Original "OAK" Model 1960s 1c Baseball Gum Machine
Refurbished Condition Works Great Filled with Fresh Gumballs
Play Baseball with Gumballs or Play Ball game



Contact our SALES DEPARTMENT for information and updated inventory. We also take requests for machines wanted by our customers.

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